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Why choose Bulletproof Retirement?

There's no one-size-fits-all retirement plan

We think most people planning for retirement are playing the wrong game.

For most Americans it’s a confusing, stressful, and time consuming process.

You’re trying to piece together cookie cutter “facts” from Google, the mainstream media, and various financial gurus…

It’s misinformation overload!

Then its finally time to meet with a “professional advisor.”

And that’s when you get hit with the slick sales pitches, powerpoints, complex financial jargon, and overwhelming illustrations.

That’s where Bulletproof Retirement comes in.

Our founders knew there was a better, faster, and easier way to plan for retirement.


We started with a mission to create simplicity around the process of retirement planning. Our partnership with Symmetry Financial Group & Quility allows our clients access to the most experienced professionals in the financial services industry.


Senior Partner at Symmetry Financial Group
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How it Works

The Faster & Easier Way To Plan For Retirement


Take our quick quiz to discover your retirement readiness score.


View personal recommendations based on your quiz answers & explore our case studies for an insight on how to implement Bulletproof strategies into your plan.


Book an appointment with one of our specialists that can help you implement the Bulletproof Retirement Blueprint.

Need help creating the right retirement plan?

Our Bulletproof Blueprint is focused around significantly reducing risk, while also maximizing net spendable income in retirement.

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See how our Bulletproof Retirement Blueprint was nothing short of life changing for these clients

  • I worked hard to build up my nest egg and am glad I have a team working hard to help to protect and grow it safely.

    Beatriz E.

  • They have provided safeguards for my funds while providing opportunity for significant growth.

    John G.

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We enjoy working with successful business owners & investors who are looking to scale to the next level.

The Bulletproof Blueprint is proven to maximize your privacy & cash flow while dramatically reducing risks from tax & legal liability

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