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If you’re tired of the broken promises from Wall Street, we’re right there with you.

Our personal stories reflect the dark truths we’ve discovered about the multi trillion dollar financial services industry in America.

We were tired of taking all the risk, crossing our fingers, and riding the market roller coaster up and down ultimately ending up right back where we started!

You now have a choice to learn from our mistakes and take a more certain path to building retirement wealth.

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My name is Edward Pritchett

Showing people what’s truly possible in life is a core tenet of mine and my family.

Going back 4 generations to my maternal great-grandfather, born to former slaves, he rose from humble beginnings and put together 300 acres of land in west central Alabama.

He became a beacon of possibility for his local community at a time when the odds were stacked against him.

His 11 sons and 1 daughter, my grandmother, went on to serve as educators, clergy, and business owners.

This legacy of attaining your goals despite the world saying it isn’t possible is one my parents took on in the medical, engineering and business fields.

I always felt blessed to have those skills and knowledge passed along to me.

Growing up, I strove to find a way to learn what those in the “know” knew so I could empower myself and those around me.

This led me to Yale University where I studied Chemical Engineering hoping to broaden my technical skills in my quest to build something that could have a lasting impact on the world.

I wasn’t exactly sure how I would implement the knowledge I gained there, I just knew that my goal was to build something that would honor my family’s legacy.

After working in the engineering field for a handful of years our world was rocked by the financial crisis of 2008.

I quickly realized I could do nothing for myself or others to solve the widespread financial problems from the engineering field.

So I went into the financial industry through the one area that I saw was the surest way to secure someone's financial wellbeing, insurance.

One thing I learned at Yale was that the wealthiest families and companies in this country use insurance in ways that most people do not even know exists.

Since 2008, it has been my goal to make sure as many families as I can are given the opportunity to take their financial legacy back into their hands.

Over the last 2 decades, families have found peace of mind, debt elimination, and true ownership of their finances through the tools I have had the opportunity to share with them.

When I partnered with Martin, Bulletproof Retirement was born out of our desire to put the control and certainty around wealth building back into the hands of the people to whom it belongs.

Need help creating the right retirement plan?

Our Bulletproof Blueprint is focused around significantly reducing risk, while also maximizing net spendable income in retirement.

Work With Us

Hi, I’m Martin Goman

Understanding how to build wealth has been one of the true obsessions of my life.

As a first generation American, I saw the financial sacrifices growing up that my parents made to put me and my sister in the best possible situations to succeed.

They came to this country with nothing and still managed to send us to the best schools.

They gave us access to unique experiences and powerful networks of people that would shape the trajectory of our American Dream.

My “sport” growing up was competitive chess.

I trained, competed, and learned strategy from some of the top Grandmasters in the world, ultimately winning a U.S. National title.

At 12 years old, this was my first introduction to the world of finance where I was invited to a series of private tournaments at the hedge fund offices of one of the most legendary currency traders on Wall Street, Stanley Druckenmiller.

I didn’t even know what a hedge fund was at the time, but the seed was planted.

I began to study everything I could get my hands on regarding investing and viewed this as my calling in life.

Fast forward to my freshman year at Columbia University in 2010, Lehman Brothers had just gone bankrupt and the financial system was in chaos.

The so-called “fiduciaries” who managed America’s money had lost their clients' hard earned life savings.

My family also took a significant hit following conventional wisdom as our portfolios that were supposed to be “safe” and “diversified” plummeted in value.

I got a first hand look behind the curtains as I was looking to join Wall Street myself and had many friends at the top firms.

After seeing the corruption, greed, and excess that led to the crisis, I was disgusted and wanted no part of that.

I knew there was a better way for Americans to protect their savings and ultimately decided to beat the system rather than join it.

After partnering with Edward, we decided to start Bulletproof Retirement.

Our mission has been to take the timeless wealth building principles & strategies normally reserved for the wealthy, and bring them to everyday Americans.


See how our Bulletproof Retirement Blueprint was nothing short of life changing for these clients

  • I worked hard to build up my nest egg and am glad I have a team working hard to help to protect and grow it safely.

    Beatriz E.

  • They have provided safeguards for my funds while providing opportunity for significant growth.

    John G.

The Bulletproof Blueprint is proven to maximize your privacy & cash flow while dramatically reducing risks from tax & legal liability

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