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Our system is designed to empower people from birth all the way through retirement, ultimately safeguarding financial and intellectual assets for the next generation.

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Every step of the Bulletproof process below has been time tested by the world’s greatest investors, retirement planning experts, and finance PhDs.

The first step to building wealth is simply about creating and maximizing cash flow in the present. The Bulletproof system is about making you more more financially efficient in order to take advantage of opportunities right in front of you. Our first case study breaks down how we accomplish this using the same underlying strategy as the wealthiest families and corporations in America.


Next we look to the future as we start stockpiling tax-free capital to fund large purchases, and eventually your retirement. We want to prioritize liquidity, safety, and only then a consistent rate of return. The goal is to be diversified not just in investments, but in where we obtain our income streams.

The final step as you get closer to retirement, is to create guaranteed income from the assets you’ve saved over the course of your life. The Bulletproof system uses a mathematically proven process to maximize retirement income, ultimately replacing earned income that was coming in during working years.

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Our Bulletproof Blueprint is focused around significantly reducing risk, while also maximizing net spendable income in retirement.

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The Baby Boomer Dilemma

For those looking to do a deep dive into the dirty secrets behind the retirement industry, check out the award winning Hollywood documentary we helped produce, The Baby Boomer Dilemma. Hear the truth from 2 Nobel prize winning economists, 7 PhDs, government insiders and whistleblowers.

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View personal recommendations based on your quiz answers & explore our case studies for an insight on how to implement Bulletproof strategies into your plan.


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See how our Bulletproof Retirement Blueprint was nothing short of life changing for these clients

  • I worked hard to build up my nest egg and am glad I have a team working hard to help to protect and grow it safely.

    Beatriz E.

  • They have provided safeguards for my funds while providing opportunity for significant growth.

    John G.

The Bulletproof Blueprint is proven to maximize your privacy & cash flow while dramatically reducing risks from tax & legal liability

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